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Salman Khattak:

Debi - this is excellent. The weight works perfectly for this x-height. Your letter structure was already good. You are ready to move on to the next group of letters.

I know you still see areas of improvement and the consistency could be slightly better. This will come as you continue to practice. A couple of things to keep an eye on as you start the next group:

- The exit hairline of the 'j' should start at the base line. Yours have a tendency to be slightly higher.

- Don't 'throw' your exit hairlines, draw them deliberately all the way to about 1/2 x-height. This seems to be happening towards the end of the line where the tips show signs of a gradual lift of the pen off the page.

- Watch that slant - 'tui' and 'wit' are standing up a bit.

I will be looking forward to your submission for group 2.

- Salman


Thank you so much! I'm posting one last pass on these letters, though I will continue practicing them daily as I move into Group 2 letters. Your critique was so very helpful. Though this last post here still has a few problems with consistency, I think it's much better than the last attempt I did. Thank you again!


Hi @Salman Khattak
Going back to the basics and practicing the basic strokes. Sorry if they are not exactly as per your groups. 


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