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Ok, I've finished my first session. I found your tutorial excellent. I started some 'u's too but soon discovered that I'm still very inconsistent, not something I'd initially noticed but it was very obvious when I wrote two 'i's close to each other so returned to the 'i's.
The part I find hardest is the entry hairline, I wobble all over the place. Hopefully I'll get some more practice in this evening.
I was hoping to attach a photo to this but I'm having some trouble working out how to do it, the files are too big so I'll see if I can reduce them.

Hopefully this works

Not great but this was my first go


--- Quote from: weavingheart on September 13, 2016, 01:53:41 PM ---Hopefully this works

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Hi @weavingheart,
You are off to a good start :D. Im also quite new to this forum but before Salman adds his details comments here are few observations of mine.
- Your slant angle is off. Dont worry a little bit of practice and few suggestion will get it right. So lot depends on the angle you keep your paper. Print the guidelines closes to each other so that you follow them during your practice and focus on letter forms rather than guessing the slant angle. Here's a small demonstration by Dr. Vitolo on how to position your paper and pen.

And for guidelines I use this site.

- The lead in strokes are too straight. It should vertical joining halfway between the baseline and waist line. In your first line the 2nd last 'i' lead in stroke is closer to what I'm referring too.

- The shaded strokes is of same thickness for the first 2/3 of the stroke. Release the nib pressure in the last 1/3rd of the stroke.

I would wait for Salman comments before you get back to your practise desk.
@SMK please correct if there is anything that i had mentioned incorrectly.

Keep writing,
- Ashok

That's very helpful thanks. I forgot to mention I'm a leftie and have been struggling with the angle. I'm using a straight holder.


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