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Okay, last post of the year. I am still working on the transitions from shade to hairline, but I think they are getting much better, and increasing in consistency.

In my last posted practice, I concentrated on those pesky transitions that eluded me, and lost my shade.

So today, I've started adding back the shade again, as I'm feeling more confident with the consistency of better elements increasing in those noted problem areas.

I feel good about where I am on this last day of 2018. I can see I AM making progress!

Happy New Year, Salman! And thank you for making 2018 so incredibly satisfying for me, by guiding me so patiently through the basic steps of dancing with a pointed pen.

Salman Khattak:

A very happy new year to you too Debi. There is visible progress in the last 3 uploads. The 'c' in the very last 'ce' is just perfect.

A couple of things to look at:

- The eye of the 'e' should be a bit bigger - lose the shade in it for now. The 'c' in the last 'ce' would make an excellent 'e'. We should be able to see the almond shaped counter a bit more clearly.

- The shades are coming in a bit too abruptly at the base line i.e. the transition to a hairline starts in the last 1/4 of the stroke rather than 1/3rd.

- Salman

Hi Salman,

Thank you so much for the very helpful critique. These refinements were challenging for me, and I admit I did struggle trying to retrain my hand. I did many full arm movement exercises to try to loosen up, so I wouldn't automatically grip the pen and start and end those shades so abruptly. While I certainly haven't mastered it, I do see some improvement and I continue to work on this daily, along with opening up the eye of the "e" more. Bad habits quickly set it, so working on these now and trying to gain some control and consistency is extremely helpful. I really appreciate your pointing them out, and urging me to work on them now, not later. I've attached today's effort.

Ahhh, each day I'm now seeing tiny bits of progress in the transitions of Hairline to Shade, and Shade to Hairline. This is one of the most challenging things I've had to try to "Fix" so far. I'm starting to get it now.

Salman Khattak:

This looks really good Debi. The spacing and consistency in 'gauge' is particularly nice. Just let the loop of the 'g' come up a bit higher so the exit hairline can start at the base line. Other than that, things look good. Please move on to the next group.

- Salman


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