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Van de Velde - cheap(!)


Jan van den Velde was a great Dutch scribe, publishing copy-books from 1605 to 1620. His work shows an interesting mingling of Italic and Gothic (blackletter), with very interesting capital letters and quite amazing flourishing. Some of it is so swirly it does almost make you seasick - well, the Dutch are a seafaring nation. You can find a digital copy of one of his books at:
or buy facsimile editions from Brill Publishers (around $100.00, ouch), BUT some good person has done a pretty good facsimile of a 1605 book, and it only costs $10.00.
Artchives: Vol 1 , Leopold Publishing, 2014    It is not as amazing as his later, bigger books, but a great deal. I think the strangest look, to our eyes, is that he is working on the basis of a circle not an oval. So the lettering and especially the flourishing is different than 100 years later, when English Roundhand became The One.

Erica McPhee:
Delicious! That is quite a treasure. Thank you for sharing!  ;D

Lots to see here if you're still not dizzy enough


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