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Helloooo lovely people!  I'm hoping I can pick your brilliant brains:

A client rejected my first proof for an envelope job saying that she wanted something that was more upright with less scroll...that her grandfather is a calligrapher and he recommended the style "English Scroll"...I don't know what that is!  English Roundhand, maybe?  SOS!

Tools & Supplies / Envelope Organization...ideas?
« on: June 21, 2019, 10:32:39 AM »
Hi lovely people!

I have an issue.  My blank envelope drawer floweth over!  And, every time I try to organize it, I start out with neat stacks...that end up blending with one another when I open and close the drawer.

Does anyone have an organization system that works for these?  I feel a little crazy for holding on to so many blank envelopes!

Tools & Supplies / Calligraphy on Leather
« on: March 05, 2017, 12:38:05 PM »

Just got an inquiry to work with a stationer to do calligraphy on leather envelopes for a styled shoot.

Does anyone have experience with writing on leather?  What kind of ink works?  Acrylic?  Anything I need to know about nib choice?

Thanks friends!!

Tools & Supplies / Wax Seals that can handle USPS?
« on: November 14, 2016, 06:58:52 PM »
Hi friends!!

I'm toying with the idea of putting wax seals on my Christmas cards this year.  I've received some seals through exchanges that have gone through the mail okay, and some that haven't.  Does anyone have any ideas about how to make sure that the wax seals make it?  Or, are there any super sturdy types of wax to use?

Tools & Supplies / To inkjet or not to inkjet...
« on: July 14, 2016, 02:47:46 PM »
Hi Friends!

I have a mini situation.  I'm doing a set 81 outers for a friend's family, and I sold them on printing the return address on the back of their envelopes (woohoo!  writing return addresses makes me crazy!).  The wrench: the envelopes are metallic and the inkjet ink sinks in to the paper so much that you can see the glitteriness in the letters.  This makes the return address look different from the addressing (which is fully opaque and sits nicely on top of the paper)...and I don't like that.

I've got an Epson Artisan 1430, if that helps.

Can ya'll think of any alternative methods or inks or tools that I could use that would make a nice finished product where the ink sits on top of the paper?  I really would prefer to not write the return addresses...but I will if I have no other alternative...

Including a picture of my test envelopes.

Thank you!!!

Tools & Supplies / Pearl-Ex S.O.S.!!!
« on: April 23, 2016, 10:14:20 AM »
I'm having a Pearl-Ex epic battle with 249 grey envelopes, a Rose Gold/Aztec Gold/Powdered Gum Arabic ink (the main antagonist  >:( ), and a Nikko G that shows hairlines approximately 50% of the time.  Oh, and a deadline of the 29th.  And a full-time job.

So.  Essentially.  Panic mode.

This issue is...I can't get my ink mixture to flow (the hairlines are THE issue) and the client chose that particular ratio of pigment.

I'm doing the suggested 4:1 - four parts pigment, one part gum.  I have other nib options, but the Nikko is the only one that seems to work at all.  I'm dipping the nib, not painting the nib, and I would prefer to keep dipping.

Tools & Supplies / My light pad broke today...
« on: March 30, 2016, 08:07:02 PM »
I'm singing the subject line over and over in a Johnny Cash voice in my head.  Not happy.  >:(

Must write more verses.

The little piece that connects the USB cord to my Huion light pad has fallen out, and I don't know where it has gone.  So, the light pad doesn't work...and will probably never work again.

I've got a project due at the end of the week...which, of course, I need it for.

So, this is where your brilliance comes in...any recommendations on light pads?  The only requirement is that the build has to be SOLID.

PS - Don't buy a Huion.  You'll regret it a year later.  I'm totally not bitter.

Tools & Supplies / Is there a reason to not use...
« on: March 04, 2016, 06:15:02 PM »
...Higgins Eternal on envelopes for a client?

I'm on a Higgins love kick right now, and I think it looks really nice on the envelopes - no feathering, soft black.  Can anyone think of a reason that I should not use Higgins?

I've always used sumi for client envelopes.

Show & Tell / Watercolor House!
« on: December 20, 2015, 03:39:00 PM »
Hi Friends!

I have to brag on my husband for a second.

He is an architectural designer, and I have coerced him into a joint business venture with me: watercolor houses!

I am so proud of his sketches and our finished product, and I have to show it off.  8)

(The picture on my website - link in signature - is much better!)

Tools & Supplies / Odd Paper Size...thoughts on best options?
« on: October 31, 2015, 12:04:32 PM »
Hi Flourish Geniuses!

Just got commissioned to do vows for a Christmas gift for a childhood friend.  I'm so excited to do this for her!

She wants a strange paper dimension - 8" by 20".

I need a paper than can stand some light watercoloring - more saturated colors, not a lot of water use - and is as budget-friendly as possible.  Preferably something I can buy and not something that I will have to order online. 

I've got Michael's and Binders close to me.

Any advice would be loved!  Thanks friends!!!  ;D

Hi friends!

I'm working on making a wedding gift for a friend.  I made a return address stamp to give her, but I wanted to give it more context.  So, I'm building a "Thank You Note Survival Kit."

The issue is...I'm down to the wire, and only have a few ideas.  She already bought her stationery.

I'm including:
- The return address stamp
- A nice bottle of wine
- A fill-in-the-blank template and an article on how to get started writing thank you notes

Does anyone have any other ideas for things that I could put in the kit?

I want to include nice pens...but I'm not sure what kind would be best.  Any suggestions would be more than welcome!  Especially, if I can get them at Michaels!  ;D

General How To's & Projects / Galaxy Envelope Tutorial
« on: July 20, 2015, 04:25:13 PM »
Hi Friends!!  ;D

I recently (yesterday) decided that I would give making a video tutorial on how to paint a galaxy-themed envelope a try.  I tried for most of the morning to write on top of painted gouache (with BPW and with gouache), but struggled until I used acrylic to paint.  Heavy body acrylic and BPW ended up being the winning combination.  So, here it is!  Hope you enjoy!

Here is the materials list.

The calligraphy isn't the best (neither is the videography or the commentary), buuut not too bad for a day's work!

This miiiight be posted in the wrong thread.  Maybe.

My grandmother is super excited about my calligraphy endeavors, and she wants me to create a custom monogrammed stationery set for her.  And, she wants me to make a set for her friend.  AND!  She wants to show all of her bridge friends.  So, it's got to be good!

Honestly, I am super excited but I have no idea where to get it printed!  I want it to look luxe and classy.  I'd love to do letterpress, but I only want to do 25 to start.  I know I want the paper to be decently thick and matte, and I'd like to have some color - I was thinking of doing a watercolor wreath with her monogram inside on the face of the card.

Any thoughts?

I will post the designs for critique as I get farther into it!

Tools & Supplies / Chalk Art Must-Haves? Tips and tricks?
« on: May 02, 2015, 09:27:31 AM »
Hi all!

Chalk-board signs.  What are the best chalks to use?

I know that there is a difference in the way that chalk paint and chalk chalk come across, and I've been practicing with chalk chalk, but it's majorly dusty - right now I'm using Crayola sidewalk and the little Crayola boxes of the thin white.  There must be an easier way!

Any tips or tricks to make the process easier?

Tools & Supplies / Blue Pumpkin...what are you?!
« on: March 04, 2015, 07:16:20 PM »
I have a quick question...and I thought I would ask you all...which nib is the REAL blue pumpkin?  The Hiro 40 or the Brause Steno?  Or are they BOTH blue pumpkins?!

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