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Show & Tell / My second piece of Spencerian
« on: October 15, 2020, 03:08:12 PM »
Iíve plucked up the courage to share this piece, which I have done as part of a birthday present for a family member. Itís only my second Spencerian piece of work, the first is winging its way via airmail to Starlee with a small packet of sand (see her post in the Coffee and Nib-bles thread if you donít understand that!). Iím on Mott copy book 2 of Spencerian but have jumped ahead a little to get the letters I needed for this. It also exercised my layout skills, which mostly worked but I see I have some way to go still. The materials were Bristol Board, Diamine Sepia fountain pen ink mixed 4:1 with Gum Arabic, written with a bog standard J nib in a bog standard straight pen holder. I used a 52į sheet underneath with an iPad as a light box. I used Guided Access to disable the touch screen. It was fun and I have been encouraged by the results. Shade needs a lot of practice and my decoration leaves much to be desired, but it is coming together.

Introductions / Hi everyone
« on: September 22, 2020, 03:07:50 PM »
Evening all. Iím Andrew currently living in Somerset in the south west of the UK. I got into calligraphy when I was about 10 as my dad had a hand printing press. I used to spend my time looking through his typeface catalogues and contrasting the different faces. He also worked in a bank and had loads of dip pen nibs from the 1930s (I have hundreds of Golden Shoulder and J nibs). Not unnaturally these two things collided in my head and I started to learn calligraphy. I focussed mainly on broad nib and italic scripts but these days am getting more into pointed pen. I enjoy creating cards for friends and family as it unifies my artistic drawing traits and the lettering.

Being something of an impulsive person, when I spotted a book (a massive tome - 460 pages of hardcover) of the history of Adrian Frutigerís type face designs on a certain online bookstore I bought it unsighted. Itís great and I love reading about his thought processes as he designed his type faces and the subtle differences in things like the angles where serifs join the letter stems.

Currently Iím working on Spencerian with a view to heading towards the variety of copperplate styles (maybe getting Eleanor Wintersí book). Iím exploring thickening fountain pen ink with gum Arabic to stop feathering and am also experimenting with gouache, though that might be a step too far for just now. Now, how to stop the gouache from running off  my Zebra G in a big blob when the tines splay wide...

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