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Hello everyone,
I have a question, probably more toward Erica but the advice or opinion from everyone is always welcome. Is this strictly Zentangle posts only or would zendoodle, doodles, and mandalas and any other tangle, doodle inspired work be ok to post here as well. I know there is a big debate about it and they all are seperate even thogh there is alot od resemblance to each other. Id like to post some of my work here but i do necessarily do Zentangle specifically. If this category is specific what would be best place to post, or maybe thee could be a doodle category, or something. I want to follow proper etiquette. My instagram haa some examples of what i do if anyone curious as to what i am referring to. It can be linked from my signature as i am not sure to put in message here because i am not trying to promote my page just provide example. Thank you for taking a moment to read this i look forward to hearing from everyone.

Hi Noah,

I, for one, would be okay with the posting of zendoodles, doodles & mandalas on this page.  For me, those types of drawings relate to zentangles & I love them just as much!  :D

Of course, as this is Erica's forum, it would be her ultimate decision!  :)

I totally agree in that they are in the same category and used interchangeably but i know i have ssen a few instances where people were set on it not being the same so i did not want assume that here.
I agree i shall wait and let Erica make the call, i do not want to over step. Thank you for your reply.

Erica McPhee:
Sorry for the late response! It's all good to me! Let's see it all!  ;D

No need at all for apology, totally understand work and life is pripority. Thank you. I will post some of my work, and start posting my doodles here. Thank you agin.


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