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Sadly this is about an  epic war story  of  lost  correspondences  that  never reached. recipients  :o

This is an interesting story  about writing and this has happened during 250 years back in time .
Overall story to this incident has revealed deeper philosophical knowledge about writing related to the era and it  shows how was their  writing  skills.   These correspondence about on a  Seven Years' War got lost to the recipients of French Soldiers on a ship and later opened 250 years later.
This article was published By BBC and it was about  Letters confiscated by Britain's Royal Navy before they reached French sailors during the Seven Years' War have been opened for the first time.
I am leaving the Link here . ---the link to the English publishing and  ( In this BBC article)  dose not analyse far more depth into the contents of the letters writing during this period.
But it is interesting  to go into the original FRENCH Article so see another perspective.  The original article in French shows how 250 years back their literacy in writing age the nature and skills, thinking they  put into papers by writing.

So the original article has an analysing  about the writing style related to the time and  the story of what happened at the same time  looking  into the minds that got involved in writing those materials . Quite fascinating story for me.

LINK TO THE FRENCH PUBLISHING HERE.  Here is the original article in French, which goes in details about the creative spelling/ grammar of most of the letter, which were often dictated and jotted down phonetically :
The article can be translated using browser translation: (If you speak French then you understand the difference. (So I suggest you can try to Use GOOGLe translation in the Original Article in French)

These two article get a story.,but  the original FRENCH article say the story and  more about the correspondents and their skills they had during the period of  writing happened. It connects to the history in writing.   
It is a fascinating historical slice in the evolution in writing, the level of the humanity has it's progression in writing to our Day to our time.

I am adding some part in the original article here which is in French.  In some where it says ( « La plupart des correspondants n’utilisent pas de ponctuation, ne capitalisent pas les mots, ne séparent pas les phrases et ne structurent pas le texte en paragraphes.)
MY TRANSLATION INTO THE ORIGINAL PART OF THE ARTICLE IS .... " most of the correspondence don't use pronunciation , don't Capitalise words, do not separate the phrase, do not structure the texts in paragraphs".
 So this a a way back into our writing skills in France . 
Some of the Original correspondence hand-written  >>>>

« Je vous prie denevouslesser ma manquer deriens pour conServer Vôtre Santé mon cheres mary qu’il mes cher quetous Les biens, du monde ». Dans ces missives souvent émouvantes se mêlent amour, soucis matériels, jalousie et simple inquiétude pour un proche parti depuis des mois en mer. Mais le moins que l’on puisse en dire sur la forme, c’est que le respect de l’orthographe et de la grammaire n’est pas perçu comme une condition essentielle de la conversation.

« Pas de l’illettrisme au sens strict »

« La plupart des correspondants n’utilisent pas de ponctuation, ne capitalisent pas les mots, ne séparent pas les phrases et ne structurent pas le texte en paragraphes. L’écriture est assez basique, souvent phonétique, l’orthographe erratique et le vocabulaire limité » explique ainsi le chercheur au HuffPost. La grammaire et la ponctuation sont rares, qu’il s’agisse de l’accord au pluriel ou des virgules. On est là, parfois, dans la phonétique.

Mon tres cher epou je suis for surprise et enpainne desavoir dou vien votre yndiferances de neglige de me donne de vos cher nouvelle que jaspire plus que toutte chause du monde je nê pances pas mon cher maitre attire votre disgraces ama bandonne jusque a ce poin la cepandan que lon ma dite que vous ettie bien encolerre contre moy.
Bien sûr, il faut d’abord prendre en compte la période historique. À l’époque où ces lettres sont écrites, l’analphabétisme dans la population française est en baisse continue chez les femmes comme les hommes, mais elle vient tout juste de descendre sous les 50 % chez les Français en général. Pour beaucoup, en particulier dans les campagnes, écrire soi-même est donc impossible.
Hope this will get you back into our time machine in 250 Years back ... 8)  :P amazing story  about our Himanity and writing.

Inktober 2023 / Day 31 - 2023 -Fire
« on: October 31, 2023, 04:51:12 PM »
Inktober 23
Day 31 Fire
Just a peace of world in the Peanut world
Someone is enjoying the camping after fire fighting  ;D

Thank you everyone and I  hope all are enjoying the Halloween!! 

Inktober 2023 / DAY 29 - INKTOMBER CHALLANGE -Massive
« on: October 29, 2023, 05:36:11 PM »
Inktomber challange
Day 29- Massive
In the world of Peanut  and the perspective of the Snoopy on the sides of best friend and companion, size docent matter to him.  :P

Inktober 2023 / My catching up of the Inktober 2023
« on: October 23, 2023, 01:53:04 PM »
I desired to get into this  and it is better late than never I guess.  ;D
I have posted some on some threads. But I decided to post all late catching up inktober 23 Late catching up here before I gaining to the rest in the other threads.
This is my first ever Intober participations and I have this idea to get our old time favourite Peanut into action. My work was just done fast space  and never bothered about right paper I find they are a bit messy. I like those a bit rough  too and hope you all don't mind those that way.

The pen I use is Oblique  pen with a Spencerian  No 01-New York with walnut Ink.

Sadly what we see now-a-days is lot of Digital progression would put to an end to many things in our basic primary  education. So hand writing is one of the main thing in present education.
But cursive hand writing is back in schools in Canada. This is something interesting and I find this should  be happening all around the world again.

This is the  Interview of  Andrew Jamieson, the designer of King Charles III's Coronation Invitation..  I guess this  is quite an interesting interview to show how he accomplished this project.

I have the link here
More into the website of Andrew.. Hope this gives you all about " High-end Calligraphy"  :D

Tools & Supplies / Broken "Chic Oblique E-curve" Holder.
« on: March 12, 2023, 09:49:04 AM »
This is what happened to the holder when I tried to remove a Nib.
This holder has no support  pin with the" stem and the Flang" and even seems to have "Friction fitted' and non glued when assembling.
Came out simply and I  haven't even used this pen regularly .
It is a bit sad what happened to this nice pen and I am thinking a way to get it fixed. Thinking what  glue could do a permanent joint???? Is that Epoxy is best or another non complicated  glue to choose.
Any suggestion ???
Has anyone had the same problem with this Curve -E pen?? I know many of us are using this pen on this forum.

Spencerian Script / My Spencerian Practice.
« on: March 05, 2023, 08:53:01 AM »
This is how my Spencerian  is doing today.

I have noticed I am running to problem getting my Pens/ nibs rusting.
All my pens are basically vintage or antique nibs. I have about 14 pen holders and sometimes I don't use them as I am using some straight holders.
So I had noticed several times in the past if I leave them for weeks they get rusted. In my house I guess there's some humid under normal room temperature.  Basically I leave my pens in a open box/Jars  and they are not in any closed protections.
What I did was I removed the nibs and used a soft sanding to remove the rust. Even today I had to repeat  it again ( sanding ) to remove the rust. ( I do it very carefully not touching  or mis aligning the tines or not doing anything excessively) 

OK my question is how or what do you do to keep them rust- free if you have many pens and if you are using them very occasionally? 
All I know is the more you sand scratch the metal the more you leave/ expose the metal to rust. But I don't have any option... some of  my nibs are good known brands as Gillett or similar  but they are not bronze or stainless-steel.
Perhaps some of you have experienced this and found solutions to this .. I appreciate for your  valid thoughts here. ;)

Open Flourish | General Discussion / RIP Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
« on: September 11, 2022, 02:25:59 PM »
“Elizebeth I, 'weak and feeble' in body,had the
 " heart and stomach  of a king"  
and led England to harmony prosperity and fame. 
-Queen Elizabeth I “
HRH Queen Elizabeth II.
1926- 2022.

Tools & Supplies / The History behind Leonardt EF Principle.
« on: January 19, 2022, 09:42:36 AM »
For those who Love The Leonardt EF Principal Nib it is a small story of how it was created.
It is quite an interesting story about history and writing.

Tools & Supplies / History about Joseph Gillott.
« on: July 12, 2021, 05:40:45 PM »
I think it gives you some fascination to know about  this man who was the pioneer pen maker in the history.
I hope this very knowledgeable history will  give you inspirations to your learning calligraphy and hand lettering.

Introductions / Hello there!
« on: November 22, 2017, 08:49:48 PM »
Hello there! and I am new to the forum and lovely to meet you all Artists. Amazing guys.
It is a wonderful place to be and learn many more skills in writing. My fashion is photography but love writing and fountain pen writing. I am always inspired by the calligraphy but never thought to learn it seriously before. But now I am dying for getting to a good level and learning my Spencerian writing from the point one. I am planning to get into Calligraphy in the near future. So this is a great opportunity to be here and I am amazed by the resource that I find here. to learn many more things than I imagined.

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