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Instagram accounts: one for business, one for personal, or altogether?

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Poll for the masses: what is your opinion/advice on having a *calligraphy only* IG account, a *personal only* account, or just one account for all?

Here's all my thoughts/questions in one big mess because I don't know how to sort them out (part of this IG problem!):

* I joined IG long before I got into calligraphy or created a "business" name (Pickles 'N Vodka), so my account (@texasroyalty) is named for goofy personal inside jokes.
* Once I started learning calligraphy, I started posting my attempts and projects on my account for friends and family to see. It's such an easy way to share photos without becoming annoying or getting lost in the mess of facebook.
* Once the Flourish Forum started and I found other calligraphers on IG, my feed and "following" quickly filled with calligraphy. I'd say the balance is now heavily more calligraphers than it is friends and family, only because there are so many of you out there!
* Recently I've started getting a nice number of random followers because hashtags and the FF are such a great way to put yourself out there and find other people.
* I worry that a) people who follow me to look at calligraphy might get tired of seeing pictures of my cat, my boyfriend, my vegetables, or whatever other random things I post (but those are things I want to share with friends and family), and I contemplate that b) because my IG name is not the same as my "business" name I'm missing a branding opportunity or something.
All that being said, I wonder if I should make a Pickles 'N Vodka account for calligraphy or if I should simply change my username (like Natascha recently did). That way I wouldn't lose any followers who found me for calligraphy, but I would "lose" all the personal photos currently on my account. Then I could make a personal account again, but would probably lose my current username.

Does this make any sense? I'm highly nostalgic and can't believe I'm struggling with it over a social media account, and hopefully there's someone out there who gets the dilemma.

All thoughts, advice, questions, comments, concerns, and opinions are welcome!

Linda Y.:
Hi Briana,

I've been on IG for over 3 years, before I got into calligraphy, so I totally understand where you're coming from. I started my IG with personal/fun photos of daily life like everyone else, and also to share doll photos with my friends in the doll community. Ever since calligraphy became a big part of my life, it's pretty much become the main subject of my IG account. I also changed my IG account name. I post personal photos every so often, but I like to keep my "worlds" separate. Most of my non-calligraphy photos are now on Facebook where I have separate groups for dolls/friends/family/etc.

If you decide to go the multi-account routeI would keep the same account and just change the name, because you'd want to keep your current followers - and let friends/family know about your other account(s). I wish IG has the same functionality as the Twitter app where you can easily switch between accounts. Having to log in/out in the IG app all the timewould drive me NUTS.

>>I could make a personal account again, but would probably lose my current username.

I'm not sure about this - and of course the Instagram help isn't very helpful:

Lori M:
Right now, I use Facebook (a private account) for friends and family, and IG for calligraphy. It's a good separation for me because most older people (my friends  ;) ) are on Facebook, not IG. I agree with Linda, it would drive me nuts to log in and out of IG all the time. But I probably would if most of my friends weren't on FB.

Thank you for your advice, Linda and Lori!

I created a separate account for my calligraphy journey because I didn't think people would appreciate seeing random pics of my food, dogs and travel photos along with the occasional calligraphy post :D It's a lot neater. I also use IG as a way to document my calligraphy progress.


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