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Is anyone else getting Instagram spam followers who are pretty women wanting to live chat or strip for them?  I've just been blocking them, but there has been a massive uptick in the last two weeks.  Did I inadvertently type a hashtag with a double meaning?  Did Autocorrect change a calligraphy-oriented hashtag to something dirty?  Am I just really rocking it out with my lettering?  What did I do to bring such advances?  Hahahahahaha!!!!  ;D

Is anyone else dealing with this goofiness?

Linda Y.:
Constantly. I would "report as inappropriate" or block. I also complained to Instagram. Hope they do something about it  :-\

Mary Ellen and I were wondering the same thing! We keep blocking them but there have definitely been waaay more in the last couple weeks. I haven't been uploading anything recently so now whenever I get that little orange notification I know it's another spam bot. Everytime I click "report" it says "thanks blah blah blah" and my only option the get back is to press "cancel."

I'm sitting at my computer yelling "no! No I don't want to cancel! Or chat! Or video! And I don't think you need wedding invites any time soon, so stop creeping!"

This has been happening to me, too. I wasn't connecting it to my calligraphy posts, but looking back... maybe there is some correlation. Very odd! Does hunt22 mean something to them?!

Yes!!!! And here I thought they wanted to chat with only me, now I find out they've been soliciting all my calligraphy friends. Heartbreak city! I think I'll write a country song about it.


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