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Dallas, Texas - Kaligrafos: The Dallas Calligraphy Society

Anyone going to Amity Parks' workshop on March 21-22, 2015 by any chance? I'm heading up from Houston and it'd be nice to know someone there! ;D

Meredith S:
I've decided not to take it, because I'm not ready to focus on blackletter yet, when I have a other styles I want to focus on first. I think Lyndsay was interested though. Maybe you could PM her to see if she ended up deciding to go.

But the Kaligrafos group is so great! If you don't know anyone, you'll feel welcomed right away anyway.

Thanks for the reply, Meredith! I won't know anyone there, so I'm a little nervous about it. :)

I don't do a lot of Blackletter either, but a friend of mine highly recommends Amity Parks, so I didn't want to pass up on the chance.

Thanks for the info Lyndsay for posting the information. I hope I'm able to go to a meeting in the future!


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