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Adobe just announced a new app for iPhone called Shape where you can, "Capture shapes with your iPhone or iPad and Adobe Shape CC will turn them into vectors you can use in your designs." I just downloaded it and look forward to testing it out to create vectors of calligraphy -- I will report back my findings. I'm a little skeptical of it because the Image Trace defaults never look as good as the original graphic without lots of tweaking but we will see how this app goes.

Here's a link if you want to check it out:

I took a photo of a Copperplate uppercase B I penned and, as I suspected, the ability to tweak your vector points is severely limited. See attached photo for results. However, since the app is linked to Adobe CC I expect it be relatively easy for me to tweak the solid vector in Illustrator or PS. It's a lot easier for me, at least v. scanning and drawing each point with the pen tool in Illustrator. Very simple UI but gets the job done decently (with a few weirdly thick or thin stray points)  for straightforward graphics.

I'll probably continue to use this for small projects but not large ones.

Erica McPhee:
Wow! Cool! Thank you for sharing this!  :)

Holy crap, this is amazing - so much better than the tedious process I've been going through of "try to convince scanner to work, wait for illustrator to load, cry into coffee, kick scanner, reboot scanner, force quit illustrator, cry some more" ...

Thank you for the link! 

Thanks for sharing this!


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