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Hi Nora, thanks, I am really glad you like my review ;)! I f you want to learn the basics, I really recommend these little copybooks
with that:

but I would also look at the resources at Iampeth for it took me ages to find out, that equally important like the letterforms, maybe even more, is to make proper warm-ups and ovals to get a feeling for Spencerian! But I guess there are much more experienced people in the Forum who could give you more detailed advice ;)

And I really love this book by Michael Sull "Learning to Write Spencerian" which as far as I know you can only buy in the States:

He shows and explains very thoroughly and nicely the more fancy variants of Sp.

I know that you can find similar hand books on Iampeth, but I like also to have a book and not only an online reference for learning. And I can't print everything out!

But you seem to be super busy good for you ;)!!

Ah one more thing that Barbara mentioned, and that I find quite important to keep in mind, is that Sp. is not an alphabet but a writing system what makes these warm-ups and drills so important the different movements and principles need to become part of the "muscle memory".

Not that I am close to that I think I find just these humble miniscules so difficult.

Nice Plume:
I just read your response Stefanie, Oh thanks a lot for all your links !! I will definitly go on ! Thanks, thanks, thanks !!!!XO nora

And again you're welcome ;)

Erica McPhee:
Thank you for sharing these. I learned from Michael Sull's book. There is also now a DVD I believe.

Another great resource is the Ames Compendium:

Ames Guide to Self Instruction

And this one:

Sykes Manual of Penmanship

I also love the Ames Guide these drawings of the writings positions are soo cute! And lots of good advice regarding writing position etc. The page with the writing / reading faults is also very nice helps still today to avoid some mistakes.

Also in this book are the first movement exercises I found (and tried to replicate).

Thanks for the other link, Erica! I need to check this out when I have time :)


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