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Mac vs. PC for design work

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I will likely be purchasing a new laptop in the coming months (thank you to my 2yr old for dousing my old one with juice to bring its last breath). As a Microsoftie in my previous life (HR, non tech), I'm prone to lean towards buying another PC. However, I know Macs have a fantastic rep in the design community. My question: is it worth spending the extra $$ on a Mac book pro vs a quality PC? I am planning to use PhotoShop, Illustrator, etc. Digitizing my work is still new for me, but I'm wanting to purchase with future use in mind. Will my choice of machine make a big difference? Thx!

If you're taking votes, mark me down for a Mac. I had always been a PC'er but two fried hard drives in a row led me to the other side. No regrets either. I love my Mac!

if you plan on using photoshop and illustrator, i would definitely go mac.  i used to be a pc gal.  at one time i used a dual processor workstation because i was running photoshop, illustrator, and Autocad.  the switch to a mac easier than i thought.  some things are different but now i'm totally used to it.  i think apple is phasing out the macbook pro, which is what i am on, so do some research.
hope that helps!

Both have Adobe Creative Cloud softwares so for design it's similar (you also got other tools like Gimp or Inkscape on both platforms).

I work on Mac (macbook air + thunderbolt screen) but it can be expensive. If the price is important for you, go for a PC. If you want something more stable (no viruses on mac) and you're not afraid about prices, definitely go for a mac. The main thing is to plug some external screen (which doesn't necessarily need to be a thunderbolt, other brands works on Mac too, it's just about cable connection) so you can have a big view of your workspace. 13" and 15" laptops are a bit small for design in my humble (even if you can do it anyway, I'm talking about being confortable).

As a professional web designer I can say that in a way, computer's brand is not that much important, it's more about how you use it.

I hope it helps ;)

Hi Chantelle,
I'm a graphic design student and have a Macbook. I have a white Macbook that I bought just before they phased them out. I love it and I'm hoping that it lasts me a while (luckily Macs usually do).

I'm going to agree with vince though. It's important to take your own preferences into consideration -- not mine. Would your design work be for a hobby or for a career? If you just want to use Illustrator and Photoshop from time to time then the type of computer doesn't matter. Traditionally Macs were better for design work but the truth is that PC has made a lot of progress and nowadays there is probably not much difference. My design classroom is stocked with shiny iMacs but some students go home to work on their PCs. So in short, I would weigh out the pros and cons of the two and take other things into consideration.


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