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What happened to my cursive?

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--- Quote from: jeanwilson on March 25, 2021, 01:54:47 PM ---Consistent Cursive is a good program (on YouTube) to lead you through the steps of repairing your cursive.
I'm always happy to give people tips if they want to post an example of their penmanship.

Maybe Lyric will post a before and after shot of her penmanship.
It would be a very good example of how much progress can be made in a fairly short amount of time.

--- End quote ---

That should be a hoot.   Let me see what I can find.  Would you believe it, the other day I was doing some writing room cleaning and disgarded a heapa buncha stuff.   ::)

One photo is from summer, 2020.  The other photo is before, during, and the end of Consistent Cursive course by David DiGiovanni.

Points I have found:

1)  My writing is more legible at a larger x-height (David has us writing at 5mm). 

2)  Thickness of pen tip affects my writing with F or EF looking much nicer than .5 or 1.0 particularly at my regular x-height writing which is around 3mm.

3)  Speed:  When I write fast it is not pretty  :-[.  My goal is to acquire exquisite everyday penmanship which needs to include rapid note-taking, daily journaling and letter writing.  With letters writing slowly is no problem and is preferable as I am thinking about what I want to convey to the recipient.

Bottom line:  I need to keep practicing; not give up; write slowly continuing to develop muscle memory and C O N S I S T E N C Y!

Critique welcome.  Please as a matter of fact.  I am only seven months into this so by no means an expert.

Thanks for suggesting the visual @jeanwilson  :D.

P.S.  When trying to post message said, "File too large" . . . sigh . . . Let me see what I can do.

Okay, so it printed the first photo.  That was from last summer BEFORE @jeanwilson  Jean's kind guidance.

This is with the CC course.  If interested he is on social media and has a website

Ughh, sorry, this photo is NOT sideways on my phone nor in my email.  I have the most difficult time with photos here for some reason.  Wonder why it would change orientation?


Thank you @AnasaziWrites  ;D.


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