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What happened to my cursive?

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I had wondered about this too - was my handwriting actually getting worse or my eye getting better and more critical.
Decided it was probably a bit of both.

Somehow, over time, my cursive faded and I print everything (left hander who writes underhand).

What I am finding is my cursive is somewhat better now that I am learning Copperplate. I think, for me, it is because I have to write slowly and deliberately. Doing the drills and then building letter formations have made writing a meditative experience.

So far my printing has not suffered  :)


--- Quote from: JanisTX on April 27, 2017, 08:26:28 AM ---Learning Copperplate DESTROYED my handwriting!!  I used to have beautiful "ordinary" handwriting. - After spending a lot of time with Copperplate, I can't write AT ALL!  It's like chicken scratch!  However, I am very pleased with my calligraphy & I chalk up my destroyed handwriting as a "cost of doing business".  It's a good trade-off, as far as I am concerned!  If I can't have both, I'd rather have good calligraphy!   ;D


--- End quote ---

This is cracking me up, Ms. Janis.  Truly, my "regular" handwriting could get no worse.  Yuck.  It is paaaaaiiin on the eyes!

Andrew Davies:
I have always had issues with my normal hand, which is strongly based on italic, being affected by working on other styles. My recovery technique is to slow right down for my normal hand and gradually bring it back up to speed. Interesting that doesnít in turn affect the hand Iím working on. Iíve never figured out why that is.

This is one of my favorite topics. It would be lovely if Lyric and Janis and I could meet up in Omaha at the next IAMPETH conference. As you may know - the TH in IAMPETH - stands for Teachers of Handwriting.

I spent many fun hours at IAMPETH during the downtime between classes - hanging out with people who claimed that calligraphy had ruined their penmanship - and showing them how to restore their penmanship. I do not recall that there was anyone who remained unconvinced. But, it is not a simple 10-step program. It has to be individualized to whatever it is that has happened to your penmanship.

I'm pretty sure I can make it to IAMPETH in Omaha -- anyone else going to be there?


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