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Hand and pen position for business penmanship


In reading Edward C. Mills book, Modern Business Penmanship on the IAMPETH web site, the author says in the Position of Hand section that "...the wrist is nearly flat, thus bringing the penholder over to the left so that it points about over the right shoulder. (bold is mine).

I always canted my wrist to the right, causing the pen to point somewhere to the right of my shoulder, certainly not over it. I also rested my hand on the side. So I've been doing it wrong all along. Dammit Jim!

I'm not doubting E.C. Mills' instructions, but I would love to hear comments from those here as to their hand and pen positions.

Thank you all in advance.
Steve Racz

Edit: you might like this article. It also touches upon hand position.

I used to and still do write with my hand on it's side.  I think it started with my finger writing.

A flat hand is much more difficult to finger write, so this is for arm writing.
After learning and converting to arm writing, I can do flat hand writing easier.  But it still requires practice to do it decently, which I have not done.

If you finger write, it takes a LONG time to retrain the muscles how to write using arm movement.  But it can be done, if you have the dedication or stubbornness to stick it out.


--- Quote from: Rednaxela on December 20, 2017, 06:57:19 AM ---Edit: you might like this article. It also touches upon hand position.

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This is most excellent.  I have saved and will eventually print at least some of the pages for my library. 

Thank you.   ;)


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