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Three moons have come and gone since I have started to practice with some regularity.  Here I am after about three months.  The areas to improve are many.  downshade of "g" of mourning is not aligned correctly and the loop too thick.  Left shade of capital D is wavy and heavy.  Lower loop of compound curve in B is too flat.  Compound curve of J in jasmine is too straight.  These are the big ones.  Other mistakes are shades coming too low on lowercase and m and n has branching problems.  Capital P in pepper is not as good as the first P and stem of first lowercase p is too thin.  Top cut of t in salt is no good.  Other than few places, slant appear to be OK.  If you don't know what Brownian motion is, this practice sheet is a good exemplar of it or you can google it.

I am using Zanerian Manual for instruction.

Any suggestions to improve will be welcomed.

X height: 5mm
Slant: 52 degrees.
Pen:  Modern Gillott's 303 (current production)
Ink:  Tom Norton's Walnut.
Holder:  PIA Hourglass.

Thank you.

Tools & Supplies / Hand Carving a Pen Holder
« on: March 12, 2016, 08:03:03 PM »
Inspired and encouraged by Salman's post and his holders, I tried to carve one myself without a lathe.  I used the Speedball holder as reference as the shape and balance is my favorite.

The only tools used were the inexpensive Stanley knife and the sandpaper shown in the second picture.  The carving knife was followed by 60, 100, 150 and 220 grit sand paper.  The last picture shows the original 1/2 inch oak dowel from which a 7 inch piece was cut to make this 6.5 inch long holder.  Vernier Calipers (shown in last picture) are not really needed but I already had one so I used it instead of making a paper tape with tick marks.

I have not put the flange yet because I am waiting for the bail making pliers from PIA (out of stock) and some brass shim sheet (should be here any day now).

Thank you.

Introductions / Hello from Pennsylvania
« on: February 07, 2016, 11:39:34 AM »
Hi Everyone.

Thank you for approving registration request.  I joined this group after searching for tools and techniques for Engrosser's Script.  Very talented group of people. Hope to learn from you and share with you.


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