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Input for Making A Oblique Flange

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I am posting this thread as I am hoping for input from anyone with knowledge of making flanges for oblique holders. I am curious about tools required for the process or input of how the pen body is accurately cut for the flange slot.

At present I am thinking a handmade jig is required to bend brass into the shape of a flange. Wondering if there is a better method to cut a thin slot for the brass flange than using a band saw. Perhaps a Dremel jig or thin kerf Japanese handsaw.

I know this is not a woodworking forum but any help or advice with oblique pens and flanges will be greatly appreciated. I have searched on Fountain Pen Network but can not find specifics. Perhaps someone with knowledge of this subject can point me in the right directions for answers.


I would assume a dremel would do the trick, I can definitely tell that my custom ones were cut with a round blade.

As for the flange you just need some rounded pliers and the brass, this video shows how to make it with some found items but the general technique works for the flange. If you use new brass and rounded pliers it comes out much smoother of course, you could probably make a jig to bend it as well but it's pretty easy to do by hand.

I've made a few flanges; it didn't strike me as very difficult really.  0.2mm brass sheet (that's about 0.008") seems about right, and it can be cut with sturdy scissors and bent in the fingers.  A pair of pliers and ideally a mechanic's vice will help a lot though.  I bent mine around the shank of a suitable drill bit with a piece of scrap in between to leave a nib-sized gap.  A press tool or even a wooden jig would be overdoing it unless you're going into production I reckon, because the final adjustment is easily done with the fingers or round nosed pliers.

A jig would be worthwhile for cutting the slot though, if you propose using a Dremel with a cut-off disc - I guess that would be the professional's tool of choice.  A razor saw from the model shop works okay though, but the slot will be very tight ... a Japanese dozuki could well be the ideal handsaw.  Since you propose a bandsaw, does that mean you're going to cut all the way through and fix the flange with a pin, epoxy or both?  Whichever way I'd prefer to do it by hand, mostly because I've had enough wood machining, noise and mess to last a lifetime, but it's also easy to cut at a slight angle if you want to give the nib a slight upward rake without bending the brassware.

Hope that helps.  :)

Thank you Heebs. I just viewed your video and luv it!. VEry nice homemade pen and beautiful lettering to go with it. Excellent source of info for what I am after.


Thanks AndyT!
I was wondering about the hand saw as a better method than a band saw. I had thought about a vertical pen jig to do a partial cut in the underside of the pen body but I think the kerf will be to wide. I have an oblique pen from John Neal that allows the flange to slide out for replacement. Perhaps this might be a stronger pen construction method than cutting  a slot into the pen and pinning the flange. Cutting by hand also makes sense if the flange is set at an angle. Another oblique holder I own has the flange angled into the pen body.

Excellent info you posted and I appreciate it.



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