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Embossing, Debossing and Thread Embossing

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What are the views on Embossing? Debossing? Has there been a recent thread on either of these topics? I hve developed a newer trend which I call "Thread Embossing". If anyone is interested I'll explain the procedure.

I would definitely be interested! Maybe you could post some examples? That would be great!

Me too!

O.K., here goes. First you have to make a template for flat embossing from bristol board or manilla folder. Trace the item (flower, word, name, or whatever) - not too complicated to begin with. Carefully cut out the design with a sharp Exacto knife, and refine with emery board-you want a smooth cut on the template. Stick this template onto 2" to 4" shipping tape after cutting out the template and counter of the o's, a's etc. Dust the entire template with baby powder or such - the tape is very tacky. Place the paper on top of the template (flat embossing), fasten it down to the paper with scotch tape or removeable transparent tape, then with a burnishing tool go around the entire template and any internal cut outs. Using a light box makes this much handier. Remove the template. You now have an embossed piece for your artwork, to give away, or etc. Use paper that is not too thick to see through,or too flimsy that the burnishing tool will cut through the paper. Debossing is where the template is on top of the paper with indentions downward.
Now Thread Embossing: a bit of history first: I wanted to emboss Blackletter, but couldn't cut the curlicues thin enough, thence came Thread Embossing. Bassically the same preceedure except instead of tracing the design you lay down thread coping the design you want-thread being not the kind you use for sewing, but more of a button-hole weight thread which is heavier. When you have laid down the thread be sure you emboss both sides of the thread. You will be surprised what develops and you can refine as you wish. The thread may have to be cut at some point (s) so use the sharp Exacto again. If you want further explanations let me know.---penstaff

Linda Y.:
ingenious using thread for fine hairlines! I'll have to try that someday!


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