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When completing your art for the print person, it's best to enlarge it, make touchups, then reduce it back down to normal size. Next to get a strong black ink layout, spray the entire work with Krylon Fixative. This will enhance your work and even have it reproduced in vivid black ink. Try this - you won't be disappointed.

That's a great tip, but to clarify, regarding the spray, do you mean to apply it before digitizing the piece? Does it apply for coloured inks too?

Absolutely! Spray the whole sheet(s) before giving it to the printer. It will be hard to notice any change in color, but it will be there. The worst that will happen is that you may not see any changes. And if you want your artwork back be sure to tell the printer beforehand, plus put your name and contact number on the back to make sure he/she sees this information. Then hold your breath that he listened to you before throwing it away.

I don't get it.
Are you talking about giving the printer a hard copy of your work?
How, then, do you enlarge it if not on the computer?

Also, please don't use caps in the title, it's the equivalent of shouting on the interwebs ...

sisterofdream: yes, when you give the printer a copy of your artwork for multi reproduction, spray it first - no one will know it's there except you. But if you want your artwork back be sure to let them know or you will never see it again. And, yes, enlarge your work on a copier that has a built in enlarging system (as Kinko, Office Max, etc.), touch up errors and mistakes, then spray, then give it to the printer person. And if you want multi copies, how else can the printer person print what you want?
sorry for the caps...


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