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Has anyone (everyone) tried Underliners? They are clear heavy plastic with nib widths preprinted and come 6 ito a package. They are mostly for broad tip nibs, but can be used for pointed nibs as well. Their nib widths are: fine, medium, broad, B2, B3 and B4, but choose the one you like best for copperplate or Spencerian writing - PLUS you can even turn them at a slant to give yourself slant lines. Thse Underliners go underneath your artwork so that no lines are visible on top, but clearly visible underneath (best when used with a lightbox). I suggest mounting them with removable scotch tape to your artwork or directly to your lightbox. They will be easily removed when finished and last a lifetime. They are extremely useful when wanting to write on a straight line, but you can improvise and not write on the line giving yourself the flexibility of bounce. Underliners are the answer to the Phantom Line Guideand Ames (Draw your Own Lines) but need light reflecting upward in order to see the lines throught your paper. I endorse them highly, and you won't be sorry when you use them…I always hated to draw lines then come back and erase - I found that counter-productive and time consuming…ink smearing, and loss of ink quality on the paper. They are available from Paper and Ink Arts for only $7.95 per set…this is only a recommendation not a For Sale item even tho I have a few left in inventory.

i have these and love them, use them all the time.  i used a fine tip red sharpie and drew 55 degree slant lines on them.  i use them with the Lightpad and the are well worth the $8.

I love these and they're indispensable for writing letters on unlined paper! I tape my favorite underliner sheet to a bunch of scrap paper as cushion, and lay my writing paper over it and secure with paper clips. Instant guidelines!

Once you use them you will find them indispensable.
Harvey (penstaff)

Thanks for the recommendation, Harvey.


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