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Erasing ink and pencil

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Haven't seen a topic of erasing ink and pencil from artwork - am I missing something? If you do not have an electric (not battery operated) you are missing an indispensable tool to have in your supplies. I used the white pencil stick eraser in my motorized eraser almost exclusively since it did a good job, and didn't tear a hole in the paper as easily as the more abrasive stick erasers. But, if not careful the white pencil stick eraser will eat your paper also. To erase pencil, not so much of a problem, just erase lightly until the graphic markings are gone, plus the white eraser doesn't leave any erasure color on your artwork. Of course you might want to burnish the paper after erasing.
Now for erasing ink: the white pencil stick eraser WILL erase ink. Do not leave the eraser on the paper but a short time (kinda bounce the eraser on the letter or word you want removed)…this method takes a bit longer to erase, but your artwork is protected more than anyother method that I have ever used. This will pick up the ink and not leave a hole. An eraser shield will help also to protect the area you don't want erased. After erasing you may want to burnish the erased area so that you can write over this area to correct your mistake.
Hope this thread helps those who are struggling with erasing mistakes (we all make them). Sorry, couldn't show the image).

As someone prone to make stupid mistakes after writing a large piece, this erasing tool you've mentioned sounds wonderful! Could you share a link that shows what this tool looks like and where we can purchase one? Thanks for your many tips shared on the forum!! We're lucky to have someone here with your breadth of experience!


Chantelle, they're electric erasers. They were used a lot in drafting engineering/architectural plans and I'm sure in many other arts. The old-school ones were big, metal, and required long cords you could plug in. Now you can find handheld ones at art supply stores!

Thanks Briana! I'll have a peek around my local stores. Sounds like it could be a helpful tool :)

Reply to chantelle: tried to insert a photo, but the image is too large to post. Most any office suply house will have them in stock ranging from $75-$100 - and worth more. They also will carry different asbrasive sticks that will fit the eraser tool.


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