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Answering security questions for new members

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Oh heyy they do go away after a while of posting  :) I thought the security questions were in place for good, and I was fine with that! It's a perfectly reasonable little inconvenience especially if its just for the first few initial posts

There was one question I kept fumbling...

forum: "calligraphy means the art of beautiful -------"
me: "letters!"
forum: incorrect answer
me: damnit! "-------"?

every time!

Brad franklin:
Funny, I thought the same at first. But they will go away.

Erica McPhee:
LOL ... they're only security questions if you don't give out the answers. I know they are easy to look up but that is the deterrent - having to take the time to look them up. Let's not make it easier for the spammers.  ;)

Elle Dechene:
Hee hee, I had the same experience as Karina!  Have been quite proud of myself when I don't have to google the right answers.  ;D

Whatever keeps the spammers and trolls away is a *good thing*.

Meredith S:
I just can't imagine complaining about this amazing treasure trove of calligraphy awesomeness! I was too busy having my mind blown by the most incredible learning resource, with the kindest and most helpful people, all for free, during the first few posts that I couldn't think about anything else. Answering a few questions were a big ol' NBD for me.

Thank you for all that you do, Erica!


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