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Erica McPhee:
Hi Friends,
In order to keep our forum safe and sound, I have implemented some new security measures.

1. All new member registrations will be approved by me.
2. All new members will be requested to post a brief hello or intro.
3. All lurkers/members who have not visited the forum in the past 120 days will be deleted.
4. The first few posts will be moderated for approval to prove you are not a spammer.
5. The confirmation questions will remain in place until a set number of posts have been made.

Unfortunately, this will lose us some members but I would rather we are a tight, safe bunch than subjected to spam attacks.

Hopefully, this will help keep the meanies out. As always, suggestions, comments are welcome.

Thank you, Erica!  Those are very fair guidelines & will keep us safer!  Although, I must admit that yesterday's spam that had a gorgeous hunk of a man's photo was pretty easy on the eyes.... Ha, ha!


syed sha abulhassan Quadr:
Thanks alot erica for making this place safe and sound for struggling calligraphers as me.

Thanks, Erica - were you not tempted to say "prospective members should apply in writing to ..."?  ;-)

It's easy to say this is a great idea Erica,

But this means such a lot of additional work for you.

For that, you have my deepest thanks.

It's such a great effort you are taking to keep this forum up and going.  Wonderful members and a truly wonderful Administrator.


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