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Erica McPhee:
Thanks @AndrewD ! That gave me a good chuckle.  ;D

Hi Erica, so sorry I'm feeling such a dummy, I am a newbie here, and wanted to post my introduction, I just haven't figured it out yet LOL, in the mean time I wanted to thank you for letting me in :) So appreciate to be here, I will keep trying to figure out the introduction post thing

Erica McPhee:
@Blanca03 No need to fret. All is well.  ;D Happy you have joined us.

Thank you Erica, for the amazing work you do to keep the site updated, safe and such an amazing resource. Still consider myself a newbie and greatly appreciate the vast wealth of experience shared in the forum.

Erica McPhee:
The pleasure is all my @Rivers ! I appreciate your kind words!  :-*


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