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Pointed Pen Calligraphy Supplies - Starter Kit

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Erica McPhee:
While all the wonderful calligraphy kits out there in cyberland have yummy exemplars and handouts, it is definitely more cost effective to purchase supplies from a supplier such as John Neal Bookseller or Paper & Ink Arts.

List of supplies I recommend on (affiliate link):  Paper & Ink Arts.

List of supplies I recommend on (affiliate link): John Neal Bookseller.

The total cost is roughly $50 (unless they do a discount which I don't know about). If you don't purchase the bleedproof white, it is around $40. This includes 10 nibs and two different kinds of ink plus 4 dinky dips and the pen!

Practice paper: HP Premium Choice Laser ($17/500 sheets)

Here are the lists with the item numbers:

From Paper & Ink Arts:

item # spdper - Oblique Red or Blue Peerless Holder
item # peerls - Peerless Oblique Holder
item # walbot –Walnut Ink, 2.6 oz.
item # moonpa – Moon Palace Sumi Ink
item #drmbld – Dr. PH Martin’s bleedproof white (optional)
item # nikkoG - Nikko G nibs (5)
item # hnt101 – Hunt 101 nibs (5)

item #dinkyd – Dinky Dips 4 square

From John Neal:

H95. Speedball Deluxe (Comfort Grip) Oblique Pen Holders – sized for Nikko G.
H96. Peerless Oblique Holders (Black Plastic) – sized for Nikko G
N113. Nikko G Nib (5)
N77. Hunt 101 Nib (5)
I53-2.5. Walnut Drawing Ink
I70. Moon Palace Sumi Ink, 2 oz.
I38. Dr. Martin's Bleed Proof White Ink (optional)
S852. Small Dinky Dips (S304)

Linda Y.:
Super wonderful starter kit!  :)

What type of paper/practice pad do you recommend? I think I've read HP Premium Laser Jet paper is good - I also like the Canson Pro-Layout Marker Pads (available at Michael's). It's super-smooth yet semi-translucent so you can slip a guidesheet underneath. The one I usually get is 9x12. I also see that a lot of calligraphers on IG prefer Rhodia and/or Clairfontaine. The HP paper is probably more economical, though.

Erica McPhee:
I use the HP Premium Choice Laser ($17/500 sheets) almost exclusively unless I need to lay out a larger piece. I just bought HP Bright White Inkjet ($12/500 sheets) and it isn't as smooth as the Laser but it seems to work fine! And it's $5 less per ream.

Since the majority of my work is for reproduction it's almost all I use!

Linda Y.:
That's a better deal than all the art papers & pads! Is it translucent enough for a guidesheet, or would you recommend using a light table underneath?

Erica McPhee:
Definitely use with a light table underneath. I would spend all my money on art pads if I had to use those! I can go through 25-50 sheets like nothing!  :D


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