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OMG - I signed up for an exchange ... now what?!

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Erica McPhee:
Since we have so many new members joining in on the Valentine Exchange, I wanted to post some details on what to do.

First and foremost - have fun! Don't sweat it! No worrying your work isn't good enough or who will be receiving it. Enjoy the process!


* Since this is a calligraphy exchange, the expectation is that there will be calligraphy!  ;D At the very least, the envelope should be calligraphed.
* If you post a picture online of an exchange you receive or send, please be sure to blur or block out the person's mailing address in some manner.
What goes inside?

People send a whole range of things from a simple piece of paper with their signature to elaborately designed cards.

What style/pen do I have to use?

Unless the exchange is designated as a specific style or pen (for example, broad pen exchange or spencerian exchange), all styles and tools are welcome!


1. Please sign your exchange so people know who it is from.
2. A return address on the envelope is highly recommend as sometimes exchanges go missing.
3. Meet the postmark deadline!
4. Although not required, many people like to send a PM or post in the exchange board a thank you or notification they have received someone's exchange.
5. Complete your commitment to the exchange. If you don't send your exchanges, you will not be able to participate in the next exchange.

6. Enjoy receiving all the beautiful mail!!!

I find it helps to mark on the envelope or inside what exchange it's from... I join many different exchanges at the same time so it may get confusing which is from which list..

Thanks for all the advice! First exchanger nerves set in yesterday, but now I feel much better!

Thanks Erica
I read your suggestions every time  before preparing an exchange.
It helps me to Find the right approach basing in my level (which is beginner)

Thank you Erica,

I won't be nervous and worried to do this exchange, eventhough i'm beginner. I will follow what you have said and do my best!


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