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How to Mix Gouache

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Erica McPhee:
Quick video on how to mix gouache. As always, let us know if you have any questions! [NOTE: My apologies for the absolutely horrendous quality of this video. Had I known it would have 11,000+ views, I would have made it a lot better!]

Thank you Erica!
This is very helpful.  I've never been shown how to mix gouache before. 

Erica McPhee:
You are very welcome Roseann! There are entire workshops dedicated to using gouache (calligraphy & color). If you ever get a chance to take one, I highly recommend it!  I don't work a lot with color because most of my work is for reproduction. I forget how fun it is to work with gouache and water color! :D

Sherry Lu:
Would you recommend loading the nib with a brush? Because I made my mix in a small jar, and dipping it isn't working out so well for me. (But I'm not sure if that's a consistency issue or not...) :/

Erica McPhee:
Yes, Sherry, I do that in the video.  ;D I always load the nib with a brush.


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