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Hello Everyone,

Hope everyones having a good time.. Just wanted to add on a Calligraphy guild in Cincinnati. I consider myself enough fortunate to find this source (just like this forum) and Also Karen, one of the three founders of this guild and fore mostly a great teacher who has been sharing and spreading the knowledge of calligraphy selflessly.

I've mentioned below a small introduction plus the link to the Cincinnati Guild..I hope this is of some help to anyone who's an enthusiast for Calligraphy...


Established in 1980 for the enjoyment and practice of calligraphy, the Greater Cincinnati Calligraphers Guild encourages members to develop and use their skills through meetings with fellow scribes, workshops with international artists and exhibits.

The three founders, Marlene Steele, Karen McMannon and Marlene Boas, introduced the Greater Cincinnati Calligraphers Guild to Cincinnati at Summerfair in 1980. Through its vibrant programming, the Guild encourages members to explore and enjoy the spirit of the handwritten letter and related arts; including gilding, illumination and papercraft.

Hi! I've never been a part of a guild and I am in cincinnati.. how often do you meet up?


--- Quote from: angelinamkelly on June 23, 2015, 08:23:11 AM ---Hi! I've never been a part of a guild and I am in cincinnati.. how often do you meet up?

--- End quote ---

Hey.. hope you're doing good..:) we all meet up periodically say once a month or may be once in two months, theres no set pattern but there are various activities/talks/classes take place round the year. Hope this helps..:) 


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