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melanie jane:
I'd love to have a nib reviews section, I'm constantly on the lookout for new nibs to try, and there is lots of information in the 'Tools and Supplies' section, but it's not set up for finding that information easily.  How about we have a section dedicated to nib reviews, where each nib gets it's own thread?  In that thread, people could post photos of the nib itself, the boxes, any different versions, changes over the years, and general reviews and information they have about the nib.

In a similar vain, we could also have an ink reviews section.  Again each ink gets it's own thread and people can post how well the ink performs with different nibs, papers, etc, and whether they need to dilute it, thicken it, etc.

I guess we could also have a paper review section....

Erica McPhee:
Thank you for this suggestion Melanie. I am giving it careful review.

The problem is it would have to be broken out as its own category and then would have many, many boards under it. This would increase our front page length considerably. And what happens is people don't use the search function so there would end up being multiple threads about the same nib, subject, etc. just as there is now.

I will think about the best way to categorize/lay out such a thing. In the meantime, members can search within the tools and supplies board for a specific nib. And topics can be "stickied" so they stay at the top.

melanie jane:
Ahhh, I didn't realise that...I just thought that you could create a new board, and then each nib would just have a thread within it?  Never mind!

If there was a thread specifically for reviews, perhaps it would be useful to have an index post which would list the post number of the reviewed item and be linked to that post.  The index post could be sticky-ed to the top of the thread.

Erica McPhee:
Excellent suggestion Elisabeth. I will definitely consider this.  :)


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