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Made my own lightbox!

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Linda H.:
Hi there!

Just finished my diy lightbox. I've looked online for one, but they are so expensive and hard to find here in the Netherlands.

So I thought: why can't I make one myself? If I like it, I can alway safe money for one.

I've bought a 3D photoframe (so the picture will be at the back of the frame and the glass 1 cm above it) and I already had some LED batterypowered christmaslights. I tapes the lights into a spiral on white paper and placed it at the back of the frame. I also glued some white bakingpaper on the back of the glass so it's more milky and not seethrough. Let my boyfriend make a hole for the wires and voila..

It looks like you see the dots of the lights very good, but in real life it's not so present as on the picture.

Hope it will guide through learning the right angles and shapes for copperplate, so I can buy a good one!

Greets, Linda

Awesome work Linda, :)
That looks and works beautifully, and your practise work is really great too.

Happy writing

Love this concept and might have to do the same myself.  :)

Elizabeth O.:
Very cool!!!



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