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Sharing External Links- Please Read


Erica McPhee:
Hello all you wonderful forum members!

I am so happy the forum now has over 725 members! This is a truly caring and sharing group and I feel it is such an honor you all have joined us here. The forum has been a great success because of all your sharing of advice, your beautiful work, and resources.

There is one thing I would like to mention in regard to sharing external links. Please be thoughtful before posting a link and consider the following:

* Sharing a blog, web reference, or YouTube video is usually A-OK - as these are put into the public domain with the intent to share with a general audience.

* Linking to a personal calligrapher's website I get a little more hesitant about because they are usually sharing their site in the hopes to attract business - not necessarily to attract the attention of other calligraphers. The exception to this would be those calligraphers who are sharing their experiences and information, with intent, to other lettering artists.
* Linking to a calligrapher's Etsy site - not OK unless listed in the supplies and/or resource sections.
* Linking to IAMPETH -- this is another one where I would like you to exercise caution. IAMPETH is an AMAZING resource and I strongly encourage everyone to spend time at their fabulous site. I also encourage everyone to support IAMPETH by joining it as it is, after all, an association. What I don't want is for the forum to become a repository of IAMPETH links. The members of IAMPETH have worked hard to create a very content rich, valuable resource and while I want us to be a support network, I don't want us to become a resource hog. I want us to be respectful, calligraphy community members.
I hope this is well received as I have only the best intentions. Everyone's contributions here are what have made us so successful so far. I wish for us to continue our own creation of valuable content for calligraphers far and wide.

Thanks for reading everyone.  :) 

Thanks for this!


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