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Where do you purchase your stamps?

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I'm new to this forum so would like to tell everyone hello from South Arkansas! I'm also new to the exchanges and am looking forward to participating! Any tips on where you purchase your stamps. Of course I know your local post office but what about your older stamps that are a specific numerical value and older forever stamps? I've found places on Etsy and of course eBay but find the price can be well over the face value. I appreciate your thoughts!

My favorite place to buy vintage stamps is from - he is super cool. What I usually do is buy packets of $25 worth of stamps at a time and that lasts awhile. You only pay face value plus .49 cents for shipping (you pay by check after you've received the stamps in the mail). You can even tell him themes you want, like space, nature, etc, and stamp value ranges. I always get a great variety and am never disappointed :).

Thanks Elaina! I will check that out!

Elizabeth O.:
I second Elaina's suggestion!  ;D

Hello, Janice! A warm welcome to you here in the forum! :)


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