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any help to erase a watercolour word?? :-)

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claire lander:
Dear All

I am sure that erasing info is here somewhere - but am failing to find under 'mistakes'...

I have an envelope, which while not vastly important in the grand scheme of things, I have spent rather a lot of time on over the last week. and on which I have written a whole word 'house' in watercolour - dilute (sadly not nearly invisible) gansei tambei, which I now wish I had put elsewhere on the envelope. It is all I can see when I look at it.

The situation arose when I made a snap decision having run out of room on my line. Bad idea, lesson learned, no snap decisions again any time soon.

What I would like in place of the word is pure white space ;-) ha ha, bit of a tall order, I can't even hide it under another word! To complicate things it isn't even pure white, so I can't use white out, it is a cream envelope. Would it be possible to alter the colour of eg bpw to match I wonder?

Thanks and I appreciate any help/references to helpful threads that come my way...

Best, Claire

claire lander:
please excuse spelling of kuretake paints - put in as a space filler, intending to double check, then forgot, then ran out of time to check! :-) (baby calling...)...

learn to embrace the *problem*
repeat the thing you want to obscure - in two more places
and then do some kind of layer - or many layers
when resolving problems, you learn a lot
if you really need to go back to white paper - get a new piece of paper
starting over is fun - you have opportunity to make other adjustments.

the time spent wishing you had that pure untouched paper back
is usually not time well spent - probably never well spent

i am sure there are other artists who will chime in here
and discuss the happy accidents that were embraced that opened the door to something wonderful.
a lot of us can point to really good stuff that happened in our work and recall that what is hiding under that wonderful spot
is a mistake that inspired us to do something very creative.

claire lander:
Thank you Jean, great advice... :-) x

Not having seen the work, as one who works a lot with watercolor, try wetting a cotton ball and dab the area repeatedly and you may be able to lighten it up. Not sure how to get it to white. Watercolor typically stains. I hope it helps a little for your next boo boo. Eliz.


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