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[SOLVED] Private Message Inbox Capacity

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[SOLVED]: PM capacity is set by freshman, junior, and hero levels - see Erica's post below for details. Thanks Erica :)

[Original message]:
The private message inbox capacity seems low to me - I'm freaking out over here as I'm already almost out of space, and don't want to prune my PMs. Am I missing something? I like looking back at my PMs, for example, because some of them are funny. Maybe there is a mod to expand capacity or to export messages? If so, please let me pay for it right now just so I don't have to prune my inbox. I'm sort of joking, but mostly not.

Do others see value in this or do you have a work around?

Erica McPhee:
Hi Brad,
This is the first time anyone has said anything about it.  :D So I will definitely look into it and get back to you.  :)

How can you tell you are reaching your limit?

Thanks Erica!
Jamie, when I click "My Messages" it shows my list of messages, and in the top right corner above the messages it says "15 messages - 75% capacity". On the left hand side above the messages it shows an orange capacity bar (it used to be green, but presumably it's warning me that I'm close to capacity).

Hi Brad,
I think I read this somewhere ages ago, but I am not sure.  Perhaps Erica can confirm. Initially (new members) have a limit to the number of messages in the mailbox.  After a certain number of posts that limit is automatically removed.  I think it's 50 or a 100 posts.  (Because,  I am not seeing that message in "My Messages")
I vaguely recall reading this ages ago.

Also,  please don't suggest any "payment" options on here.  Erica has a very very bad habit of going ahead and paying for all the mods herself and refuses to accept anything in return.
Despite numerous offers by all of us, she WILL NOT agree to contributions.

I think we need to hold some form of Intervention Therapy for her to get her to accept help  ;D


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