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Bianca M:
@prasad!!!!  lol!!  Do you think we ought to start just sending her nibs, ink, paper, etc. as payment???  Although, those items will not buy her time, so it's not the best solution.  Only a start. 

We love you, Erica!

OK thanks Prasad.. I hope it's 50 posts, I'm so close to that :).
And thanks for the warning about the "payment options". In the U.S. you can of course buy the lovely issues of Dasherie for yourself, and for the calligraphy lovers in your life - but, alas, they are in limited supply :(. besides, each issue is worth every dollar in and of itself.

Erica McPhee:
LOL! Thank you Prasad and Bianca and Brad!  ;D

Yes Prasad, that is correct! I completely forgot about that. I will see if I can adjust that for you Brad.  ;)

Erica McPhee:
Prasad is correct! Thank you for refreshing my memory!  ;D

Freshman members have a maximum of 20 PMs. But once you reach 50 posts, you are a Junior member and the limit is 500. Super Hero limit is 1,000.

The limits help reduce the chance of spammers and reduce memory used. Since you are almost to 50 posts, you should be all set.  ;D

Thanks Prasad and Erica for figuring this out - I really appreciate it! And this is my 50th post ;) woo hoo inbox expansion!

[EDIT]: worked immediately - now my inbox is only 3% full  ;D


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