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Fourishing: practice sheets?

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does anyone have any words or practice sheets? or even practice strokes (if not full words)

while we don't want to copy and use an exact letter form from someone else, i find that at least imitating someone else's flourishes for practice helps me better understand how creating flourishes and swashes should feel. 

thanks for your contributions, ken!

Ken Fraser:
dailyletterings :

These are two basic flourish shapes (from my book).
They can be used either freestanding or as extensions from descenders.
The upper one is slightly less complicated than the than the lower, but they are both simple enough to commit to memory.
They both comply to the basic rules - cross lines at a high angle i.e. as close to right angles as possible. Never cross a thick line with another thick line - it never looks good. Aim for a pleasing balance in the white shapes.

this is so awesome thank you Ken!

oOo, fun!! can't wait to practice this! thanks, ken!

nice!  thanks for this.

i'm helpless when it comes to flourishing.  seems like my hand goes haywire when i try to do flourishes :)


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