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New Category- Eastern Calligraphy

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It's a really broad category considering it includes two of the oldest continuously written languages, at least one of which, Chinese, considers calligraphy the highest art form


--- Quote from: AndyT on February 25, 2017, 05:05:21 AM ---Excellent idea: I'm all in favour.
--- End quote ---
Me, too.

--- Quote ---Greek, Cyrillic, Hebrew and Arabic also deserve a mention, so perhaps a catch all non-Latin category is an alternative as we already have a long list of specialist boards?

--- End quote ---
And Devanagari would be a nice inclusion also, as we have many from India who probably know it.

I couldn't agree more! Great idea! :)

Salman Khattak:
I like the idea of seeing/sharing other forms of Calligraphy. I started with Arabic Calligraphy and would love a place to share some of that. We can start with a broad catch-all category and then split it up depending on the amount of traffic/interest in different types.

- Salman

I'd love to see some of your Arabic work, Salman.


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