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Dream of flourish forum's tutorials With french subtitles ?!

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Nice Plume:
Did I tell you that I love this forum ?? It's very hepfull, and In addition, give the opportunity to be connected with a passionate community of calligraphers and passionate people in love with calligraphy....I'm a poor little french  :o, and my english is not  so good, ni addition, I'm thinking about all these poor little french, belges, swiss.... Who will love to follow and to learn ...what do you think about that ?! I understand that, forum is very young, and it Will certainly be quite difficult to translate... It's for now, just an idea...  :) :) :) thanks for listening fabulous members  :-*

Erica McPhee:
Hi Nora,

I would love to translate but there is no way I could at the moment. Hmmm...

Joy, calling Joy ... how could we do a translation?  :D

Nice Plume:
Yessss really, I must be honest, I thought about Joy as she is american living In France.....
Please Joy  :D
My contribution  Will be to promote the forum a lot, In french sites and forum... To add more and more people to the flourish forum.... Of course, i'll put the link on my website ....
Joke apart, Joy, I trully understand it's a lot of work... Don't worry if it not possible  ;D

FrenchBlue Joy:
It's a great idea, Nora!  Seriously though, I don't speak "calligraphy French".  I don't have a technical vocabulary for talking about lettering in French, though I have really tried to pick one up by reading everything I can find about 'calligraphie'--  especially for the pointed pen.  There isn't very much stuff.  I know there's a book by Jean Larcher, but it's expensive on !!

I would be most useful as a collaborator, Nora.  I suggest that we meet up in the New Year and work together for a weekend to make some resources in French.  Where no terminology exists, we can invent some.  :)   I like this idea VERY much, it really does interest me!  I'd love to be able to share calligraphy with more people in France. 

Nice Plume:
OOOHHHHHH JOYYYYYY That would be so great !!! Thank you very much for your approval !! Yes working on it together will be terrific !! We have to find the way to work together ... As I said in my presentation note, calligraphy is my second job. I work full time in communication and promotion ... In addition I've got my family... so it's a bit complicated to find a date , but, but, we'll certainly find a way to meet !!!! we have to be positive on it  ;) - In 2014, first maybe we can start by skype (until a good date choosen  in spring time ... why not ?? Bises Joy et encore merci 1000 fois pour cet enthousiasme !!  :-* Nora


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