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I wrote out this year's cards and it was a nightmare. I'm thinking about debossing copperplate into next year's Christmas Cards.

Are there any tutorials on how I could do this efficiently and at low cost? It's only going to be ~400 cards.

Pay a printer who specialises in this sort of thing? :D

Bianca M:
I second paying a printer.  It sounds like you'll want to scan in and possibly vectorize your calligraphy- I know there have been threads on this in here, so perhaps you can do a search for that to get you started?  As far as the debossing part itself... are you looking for letterpress?  Most letterpress printers require a vectorized file, but some will take a bitmap file.  Lines typically need to be .35pt minimum, something to consider with regards to your hairlines.  Scanning in at a higher threshold can help this if necessary. 

I know there are those DIY letterpress kits from Paper Source, etc. but my understanding is that they produce poor results.  And 400 cards might be a bit much for the kit.  I'll bet someone in here has tried it out- might be worth searching for threads on that, too. 

Try Reaves Engraving. Their prices are very reasonable and I think you can just send them the line art and they will convert it for you.

Thanks for your suggestions folks. I'm not averse to paying others to do things. I just prefer it when I do everything even if the result is a little below what they could provide.  Last year I hand-made a Christmas ornament, then took a picture of said ornament. Printed it and my own calligraphy (heavily inspired by Paul's) onto cardstock and sent those out. It lacked that little oomph that debossing might provide.

I wont be vectorizing, because, IMO copperplate loses its "soul". I did high-res scans last year and they turned out quite nicely.

I'll check out Reeves when I'm in NC early next year.



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