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i just had an idea! what about a flourishforum pinterest board that erica can invite other MEMBERS to contribute to?  this way we can all view each others' work on one board and leave comments?!  :D

the idea actually comes from witandwhistle's board called "hand lettering practice" that i've been contributing to since the beginning of my hand lettering "career" and since its inception.

although i know this might make the "sharing" category obsolete, but i'd love to be able to see images of everyone's work in one place like on a pinterest board and people can always leave more detailed posts in the "sharing" category here in the forum as well if they want more feedback?


Erica McPhee:
I love your enthusiasm Torrie! But, I do feel it takes away from the forum sharing. That is the whole intent of the forum - a place where everyone can share.

I already feel some overlap with Instagram and not everyone is on both Instagram and Pinterest and/or the forum. So personally, I'd prefer to keep the sharing on the forum.

But that doesn't prevent you all from sharing!  :)

Erica McPhee:
I didn't sleep last night because my 16 year old was out for a sleep over for the first time with her license and a car! So I was thinking about this some more. I understand the desire to have a visual all in one place. My biggest hesitation is it would discourage sharing here.

Anyone else have thoughts on this? I'm open to hearing them. Thanks!

A simple solution if you want a more graphic based format would be just use Instagram since Flourish Forum is already there. Come up with a universal hashtag that members could use, such as #ffmember or #flourishforum, to make it easy to find them all.

My opinion is adding another outlet for sharing of the board would scatter the content to the point it would be more work to search and find ideas shared. There are so many social media outlets that taking this content to them all would be utterly impossible.

Erica McPhee:
Thanks Christopher,

We already do that on Instagram. The hashtag is #flourishforum.

I appreciate your thoughts, though. I agree -- I think it may be too many things to keep up with...

On the other hand ...  :o


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