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Envelope exchange, anybody interested?

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I would love to participate! Hope I make the cut off!


You’re in! 😊

I will PM you for your address xx

Thank you for joining ❤️

I would love to join in an envelope exchange if it is not to late! I would love an excuse to practice my flourishes!


@inkstainedfingers hello Andrea 😊 I only just saw this, sorry for not replying earlier.  I would be happy to exchange mail, I notice that you’re on my Flourish a Fish list too! When you get this mail, drop me a PM and we’ll organise another, private one. 

Is that Ok? 😊

Ms. Nikki B.,

How is this going for you?  I followed your lead and two people responded.  I am excited to get started.

I just re-read your stipulations because I was unsure exactly what to do; i.e., is it the same or different than plain ole pen pals?  It seems to be a penpal thing to me.  I figured since I put the request out I should be the first to do the sending.   ;)

Thanks for the idea!


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