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How to Use a Small Lightbox

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I don't know if this should be a new thread or not.
But HOW do you use a light box.
What I mean is mine has an 11x12 flat surface, so my hand has a support, but not my forearm.
The way I learned to write was to lay my forearm on the table/desk and use the muscle under the forearm as a pivoting point.  Pushing and pulling to form the letters, but the weight of arm is supported by the forearm.
In my case, because of tendonitis, I cannot just let my arm hang in mid-air as I write, I have to support my arm.

Erica McPhee:
Hi Gary,
I renamed this and moved it to "How To" because I think it is a very good question and I didn't want it lost. I'm hoping others will chime in because I use a large light box for this very reason. Even still, I work more in the upper left corner so my arm is supported.

I also tend to lean on my left hand with my elbow on the table just to the left of the light box. This takes some of the pressure off my right arm/hand as I write but leads to terrible posture issues and is really bad form.

Maybe a bolster of some sort could be used to bring your arm up to the same level as the light box.

What about this, used backwards , would provide a ramp up to the height maybe? Came up with it by searching ergonomic mouse rest


I am curious why do so many use a lightbox at all? I mean for normal practice?

I can understand the need for one for envelope adressing, or when tracing a complicated layout in pencil on thicker paper / cardboard but for normal practice I find that usual paper with 60 to 80 g / m2 is translucent enough to let guidelines show through. I never use a lightbox exept for the occasions I just mentioned. Also because I completely understand your issue, Garyn a small box will give an akward posture, and I find a big one as I own not comfortable, just all that light all the time! (Plus mine is very old and about 15 cm high, so I have to use a higher chair etc.)

But I am aware that a lot of people seem to be very fond of lightboxes ;)!

I'm in the same boat with you Estefa, I rarely use a lightbox. Of course I don't do big complicated pieces either and everything I do is just for my enjoyment . I practice, write letters and address envelopes primarily.


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