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Envelope exchange, anybody interested?


Hi I'm new in the forum I would like to practice and find some pen friend? Is someone interested?

Ciao sono nuova nel forum mi piacerebbe esercitarmi e trovare qualche amico/a di penna?qualcuno Ť interessato?

Hi Giulia!

I'm always up for exchanging with others, but am (or try to be!) private online, otherwise I'd give you my address. I'm going to send you a PM though to give you more info.

Where are you located?

Ciao, scusa il ritardo ma ho visto solo ora il messaggio.
Io mi trovo in italia precisamente in Veneto, Padova. Tu?
Mi hai scritto tu una mail al mio indirizzo?

Hi, sorry I'm late but I only saw the message now.
I am in Italy precisely in Veneto, Padua. You?
Did you write me an email to my address?

Hello Giulia!

I would be interested in joining your exchange, too.  Iím in the USA.   Please feel free to email me directly at Karly.kassay {at}


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