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Tools & Supplies / Thin envelopes...
« on: June 02, 2014, 04:01:35 PM »
I designed some invitations for a "Sip and See" for a friend of my daughter.  I got the blank card stock & envelopes in a kit at Office Max.  I addressed all of the invitations in Copperplate, using Noodler's Ink.  (The baby is a boy, so I was using a medium blue ink.)  Before I got started addressing, I realized that I only had a couple of "extra" envelopes in the kit, so if I messed up, I was going to have invitations with no envelopes.  I ordered some envelopes at as back-ups.  I ended up not using the substitute envelopes, as I had enough in the kit & didn't mess up as many as I thought I might.  This weekend, I decided to use one of the replacement envelopes for a thank you note that I had written.  The ink feathered like crazy!  You could apply no pressure on the nib or you'd get a puddle of ink!  I tried spraying the envelopes first with fixative and then with Aqua Net hair spray.  I changed ink to some Winsor & Newton that I had on hand & while it was better (less feathering), I still was fighting puddles.  I also changed nibs (several times!) and never could get anything to work right.  I ended up finally addressing the envelope in Italic, using a blue marker.  :-[  I ordered some Micro Glaze, but don't have it yet.  Does anyone have any suggestions about what else I could try??

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