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Tools & Supplies / Re: Making your own walnut ink?
« on: September 10, 2021, 06:37:08 PM »

I'd love to try the Nortons one day.  I found some online here in NZ but I think it was $17.50 for just over 2 ounces ... in the meantime I found some Walnut Crystals that I had purchased years ago and finally got brave enough to reconstitute it!  It seems to be working fine and great for practice. I'm so pleased as the the new bottle of sumi ink I had bleeds badly on the practice sheets even after adding gum arabic. 

I just look at the lockdown as an opportunity to endulge in calligraphy, long walks, and pottering without feeling guilty about not doing other things :)
The first lockdown as a country was 6 weeks but the rewards were pretty much a year of living normally without covid in our communities so it was worth it even though it has inevitably returned.     

And now to print off some practice guidelines!  Thanks Erica! 

Tools & Supplies / Re: Making your own walnut ink?
« on: September 09, 2021, 08:40:21 PM »
Well this is really good to know since I spend a small fortune on the huge bottles on Norton's walnut ink!

Hi Erica!  I'm so glad to be back here and I've been spending hours reading such informative posts.  We are in lockdown here in Auckland, so the perfect time for me to dust off my calligraphy supplies and get going again.  When I saw that you used Nortons Walnut Ink, I was of course curious to learn more (!) since I admire your work so much.  Not sure if you're aware of it or not but Nortons Walnut Ink actually isn't made from walnuts!  (Not that it matters as its working for you but thought you might be interested to know)  That'll explain it not being as acidic as other walnut inks.  This is from Nortons website "No, our ink is not made from walnuts. Our ink is walnut colored made from premium light fast pigments that will not fade over time. Our ink is also acid free.  Genuine walnut ink is highly acidic and actually eats the paper over time. The drawings of the Great Masters were made with genuine walnut ink which was black when it was freshly made over time it faded to the beautiful sepia tones that they are now. Our Walnut colored ink replicates these sepia tones. Our ink is water-based allowing you to achieve darker tones with layering techniques or lifting to lighten."

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