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Business Educator Copperplate Lessons and Exemplars

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Andrew H:
I thought it would make sense to collate the copperplate lessons and exemplars I've managed to find in the Business Educator (see this thread) into one post for easy reference. On my own computer I've downloaded all of these individual pages into folders for each penman etc (OCD much?  ;)) but it took a long long time to track them all down, so I hope this makes things easier for others.

Willis Baird and Charlton Howe were, in their time, reckoned to be the two most skilled masters of Engrosser's/Engraver's script. There are two full sets of lessons by Baird below, and some loose lessons/pieces of work by Howe. There should be a series of lessons by Howe somewhere in the Educator, but I haven't been able to find them—they may be in the issues not included in this library. Anyway, these lessons by Baird are some of the best available.

Willis Baird

Vol 14
(Plus this fantastic exemplar):

Vol 20
There doesn't appear to be a lesson No. 4

Exemplar by Baird and W.E. Dennis

Charlton Howe
Good alphabet in here:
Rare example letter:

Charles Zaner

Exemplars from "The New Zanerian Alphabets"

Louis Madarasz

Vol 14
Fantastic broken-down example showing how Madarasz formed his letters and even where he retouched them:
The letters from the previous example formed into an alphabet:

Vol 15

Vol 17 (Contains Lessons)

Vol 18 (Includes remainder of Vol 17 lessons)
Shakespeare piece:

Oops, it's late and I'm very tired and this took considerably longer than I though, so I'll try to come back and add more pages soon. Hope some of you find all this useful!

2nd June 15 - Added Zaner's "The New Zanerian Alphabets" Exemplars, a Madarasz section and a letter by Howe.

Brad franklin:
Thanks Andrew this indeed is easier.

Wow Andy! Thank you!

Thanks Andy, I really appreciate you taking the time to put this together 🌟

Inked botanicals:
Thank you Andrew!! Thanks for making our lifes easier!  ;D


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