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Erica McPhee:
I found this little gem of a blog this morning! While not calligraphy based, it is for anyone who loves sending and receiving mail. (Me, me!) It is full of interesting information about our mail system!

Letter Writers Alliance

What a lovely blog!

Lori M:
Cool blog! I had to download the Year of the Horse stamp, since my husband is Chinese and our last name means "horse" in Chinese. And those Graceful Envelope contests are just full of great inspiration!

Erica McPhee:
Lori, that is great! My dad is Chinese (which of course makes me part Chinese) however, apparently my brother inherited all the "Chinese" look before I came along! I actually take after my mom's side and my dad's father (who was British/Scottish). My grandmother was full Chinese.

The kids and I just did a huge lesson and celebration for Chinese New Year. Hooray for year of the Horse!

along the same lines, please tell me y'all have heard of MORELOVELETTERS.COM!! :) you really should check it out! i plan to practice my calligraphy on anonymous letters for those listed under "the letter requests!!"


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