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Technical Problems Today are Resolved.

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Erica McPhee:
This has been a week! Just a little behind the scenes ... last week our backup company had a security breech and some of their sites were injected with malware. Thankfully we were not one of them.

Then this week, CloudFlare which is a service we use to reduce data usage had a security breech. I was told our site was not effected however, the site went down and one of the tables had to be repaired.

Last night (or rather at 3 this morning), the forum software could no longer reach our databases.

But all seems to be working now. Phew! Now you know why I try to keep such tight security on Flourish with all the questions, etc.  ;)

Please know if we go down again, I am keeping a close watch and will be working on fixing the problem as quickly as possible.

You're a rock star, Erica. Thanks for keeping the forum safe and sound :).

Great! Thanks for your huge work here!

Thank you so much Erica for all the behind the scenes hard work and vigilence that make this forum so wonderful. I know I don't know or wouldn't understand a lot of what you have to do to keep things up and running so all I can do is shout out a huge THANKYOU for everything you do (let's see...providing calligraphy expertise, nurturing beginning calligraphers, building a community for all things lettering, drawing peoples attention to wonderful art, building and maintaining the forum, making certain everything remains safe and secure on here...and I know what I've listed is just the tip of the iceburg).

Thank you!

Tales from the Nib:
Yaaay you're back, I broke into a cold sweat when I couldn't come and browse the forum.
Glad you have managed to sort things out for us all Erica  :)


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